Welcome to Caribbean Island Ministries!


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Oh, the island life! Did you know that the boating & yachting enthusiasts are one of the most un-churched and un-reached people groups in the world?  Click the icon above to read more.


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Our Vision

Our vision is simple: We want to be a blessing to those who live and travel by boat in the Caribbean Islands.

Our Mission

Our mission is diverse:

  • Help and minister to the physical and spiritual needs of those who travel by boat to the various Caribbean Islands.
  • Help local churches and pastors with special needs and projects.
  • Help with hurricane relief and other natural disaster help.
  • Help and minister to local pastors with physical and spiritual needs and the training and equipping of their people.
  • In areas where there are very limited sleeping accommodations, we would use our boat(s) as a means for providing a place to sleep and eat in comfort, sort-of a “floating hotel”.

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